A chubby | fat | plus size special Model

Rene Kogelman has been a professional Best Ager / Special Model for almost 30 years, with his curvy body, friendly laugh, strong head and good facial expressions. As a chubby model Rene was able to decorate many billboards and advertising campaigns and works with well-known names in photography.

A male Best Ager Model with Curves

Plus-size model Rene Kogelman can be booked as a male model with curves. Looking for a Special /  Best Ager photo model or a chubby model for your ads and advertising, think about commercials, movies on TV and Web TV, and photos with printouts like folders, billboards, catalogs, and ads then, because of his years of experience  male plus-size model Rene often the best choice.   

In his free time Rene is active as a drummer and percussionist with the party band Jigger Bigger Band.